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Delpongo is a leading fruit export company located in Thailand with regional offices all over S.E Asia. For over 25years, Delpongo has cultivated and exported high-quality tropical fruits to markets around the world.

This article provides an in-depth look at how Delpongo produces and exports fruit, from initial harvesting all the way through order fulfillment and shipping. We will cover the key steps Delpongo takes to ensure its fruits meet quality standards and arrive fresh at their destinations:

– Fruit harvesting
– Sorting and grading
– Packaging
– Transportation
– Distribution centers
– Order fulfillment

By gaining an understanding of Delpongo’s comprehensive fruit export process, readers will appreciate the care and expertise required to reliably deliver delicious, nutritious tropical fruits to customers globally. The overview provides insights into how a major fruit exporter manages its operations while maintaining high standards.

Fruit Harvesting

Delpongo utilizes the latest techniques and technology to harvest fruits at their optimal ripeness. Careful planning goes into determining the best time to pick each fruit, based on variables like weather, color, firmness, and sugar content.

The harvesting process begins by hand-picking individual pieces of fruit. Workers are trained to examine fruit closely and use tools like refractometers to test ripeness levels. This ensures only perfectly ripe fruits are collected.

Gentle handling is critical to prevent bruising. Fruit is placed into small containers and buckets, then transferred to crates and bins. Machine harvesting is used for some crops when appropriate, but produce is continuously inspected to avoid damage.

Quality control is a top priority during harvesting. Inspectors examine samples from each batch and crate. Fruits that don’t meet quality standards for appearance, freshness, and ripeness are culled out. This ensures only premium, peak-condition fruits move on to the next stages of processing.

Strict protocols are followed for sanitation, safety, and traceability. Tools are disinfected regularly, and harvested fruits are kept separate by type, date, and orchard to maintain traceability. Detailed records are kept to ensure quality fruit for customers.

Sorting and Grading

Once the fruits are harvested, Delpongo employs a rigorous sorting and grading process to ensure only the highest quality produce reaches the consumer.

The sorting process involves separating the harvested fruits by type, variety, size, color, and general quality. Conveyor belts and automated optical sorting technology assist workers in streamlining this process efficiently. Any damaged, overripe, or otherwise flawed fruits are removed.

The fruits then undergo grading according to industry and internal standards. Grades are based on criteria like appearance, texture, sweetness, and shelf life. Higher grades command higher prices in the marketplace. Delpongo has an established A, B, C grading system for most of its fruits.

For example, mangoes are graded from Extra Class, Class I, and Class II. The highest grade mangoes have the best color, aroma, taste, ripeness and lack of defects. This meticulous grading process allows Delpongo to deliver exceptional, consistent quality fruits to meet consumer expectations.

Proper sorting and grading ensures Delpongo only packages and ships premium, market-ready fresh produce to its clients worldwide. It’s a crucial step in maintaining quality control from harvest to sale.


After the fruits have been sorted and graded for quality and size, they are packaged for shipment. Delpongo uses different types of packaging depending on the variety and final destination of the fruits.

For fruits being exported long distances, sturdy cardboard boxes with ventilation holes are used. These boxes protect the delicate fruits from bruising during transport while still allowing airflow to prevent spoilage. The boxes are carefully designed to hold a standard weight and quantity of fruit. For example, a mango box may hold 4 kg of the fruit.

For local shipments, fruits may be packed in crates, baskets or clamshell containers. Crates allow for breathability while providing some protection. They enable easy stacking for transport in trucks. Baskets are used for delicate berries and allow air circulation while preventing crushing. Clamshells are plastic containers ideal for local shoppers that want smaller quantities of fruit.

The packaging serves the dual purposes of protecting the fruits and displaying information like product variety, origin, weight, tracking codes etc. Advanced packaging may even incorporate modified atmosphere technology to regulate oxygen, carbon dioxide and humidity levels inside the package. This helps extend the shelf life of the fruits during transport.

Proper packaging is crucial for Delpongo to deliver quality fruits safely to markets near and far. The materials are designed to be sturdy yet environmentally sustainable.


Delpongo utilizes refrigerated trucks to transport packaged fruits from farms and packaging facilities to distribution centers or ports for export. Temperature control is critical to preserving freshness and preventing spoilage during transport.

The fruits are loaded onto pallets which are then loaded onto refrigerated trailers. Reefer trucks maintain temperatures between 34-38°F for most fruits, depending on the specific variety. Sensors monitor cargo area temperature throughout the journey.

Most trips take 1-3 days from farm to distribution center. The refrigerated trucks offer a controlled environment to maximize shelf life after harvesting. Drivers follow strict protocols for pre-cooling truck trailers before loading as well as monitoring temperature and air flow during transport.

For export shipments, refrigerated containers are used. The palletized fruit is moved from reefer trucks to refrigerated containers at the port. These containers are then loaded onto ships for international transport. Temperature and humidity levels are carefully controlled.

Delpongo invests in modern reefer truck and refrigerated container equipment. This enables efficient and environmentally-friendly transportation. The cold chain from farm to table is maintained through innovative transport methods.

Distribution Centers

Delpongo operates a network of distribution centers to efficiently deliver fruits to retailers and consumers. These state-of-the-art facilities are strategically located near production areas and key markets.


Delpongo currently has 5 distribution centers spread across  S.E Asia. The distribution centers are climate-controlled, meeting the temperature, humidity and air circulation requirements to maintain freshness and quality. Sophisticated inventory management systems track fruits from the time they enter the facility to when they leave for stores or customers.

Inventory Management

Delpongo uses advanced inventory management technology to optimize distribution operations. Inventory levels are closely monitored and orders are fulfilled based on demand forecasts and production schedules. Perishability factors are built into the system to ensure first-in-first-out handling. Real-time inventory tracking provides visibility on product location and order status. Integrated systems connect distribution centers to transportation and allow dynamic route optimization. The inventory management system provides key data to guide production planning and demand forecasting.

Order Fulfillment

Delpongo uses state-of-the-art order management systems to ensure quick and accurate order fulfillment for buyers.

When an order is received from a buyer, whether it is a grocery store, restaurant, or other food business, it is entered into our order management software. Relevant details like quantity, type of fruit, delivery date, and shipping information are recorded.

Our team then gets to work processing the order. They verify product availability in our distribution centers and ensure the order can be fulfilled. If needed, production schedules are adjusted at our orchards and packing facilities.

Once the fruit is picked, packed, and ready to ship, our logistics team selects the optimal shipping method. Most orders are shipped via refrigerated trucks to maintain freshness in transit. For large orders with urgent delivery timelines, air freight is used. Perishability and distance to the buyer determines mode of transport.

Our team meticulously tracks order status and proactively communicates with buyers. We provide shipping confirmations and tracking information so buyers know when to expect delivery. Our goal is to exceed expectations and deliver orders on-time, in-full.

By leveraging technology and coordinating across departments, Delpongo is able to quickly and accurately fulfill orders from tree to table. Our operational excellence ensures a seamless order fulfillment process for buyers.

Quality Control

Delpongo takes quality control very seriously throughout the entire production and distribution process. Our goal is to deliver only the freshest, highest-quality fruits to customers.

Once the fruits are harvested, they are promptly sorted and graded. Any fruits that fail to meet our strict quality standards for freshness, appearance, and size are immediately discarded. The selected fruits continue on to the packaging process where they are again inspected and culled if any defects are found.

During transportation, our climate-controlled trucks maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels to preserve freshness. At the distribution centers, incoming shipments are once more thoroughly checked by quality control personnel before being made available for order fulfillment.

Delpongo maintains numerous food safety and quality certifications including SQF Level 2 certification, GLOBALG.A.P. certification, and compliance with the FDA’s FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) produce safety rule. We are also USDA Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certified. These certifications validate our commitment to utilizing the highest standards at every stage from fruit cultivation on the farm to final delivery.

By making quality our top priority and securing respected third-party certifications, Delpongo grows, packs, and ships the finest fruits possible for our valued customers around the world. Our multi-step quality control program delivers both freshness and peace of mind.


Delpongo is committed to sustainable farming practices and waste reduction throughout our fruit production and export process. Our farmers utilize techniques like crop rotation, cover cropping, and integrated pest management to protect soil health and reduce reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Many of our orchards and farms are certified organic, meaning they avoid synthetic chemicals and focus on building healthy soil with compost and natural amendments. We also prioritize water conservation through drip irrigation, mulching, and other methods to reduce water usage.

Our packing facilities recycle cardboard, wood, and plastics from packaging to minimize waste going to landfills. We also aim to use biodegradable or recyclable packaging materials whenever possible. Culls and unused fruit parts are often donated or sold for juice production rather than being discarded.

By taking a sustainability-focused approach at all stages of production, Delpongo seeks to provide high quality, nutritious fruit for consumers while also protecting the environment for future generations. Our commitment to sustainable practices is a key part of our company mission and culture.


Delpongo’s operations provide an essential service of getting high quality fruit from farms to markets around the world. Their processes from harvesting to order fulfillment allow them to handle large volumes of perishable produce while maintaining freshness, food safety standards, and timely delivery.

The fruit export industry connects growers with consumers globally. Companies like Delpongo facilitate international trade and the availability of nutritional produce year-round that contributes to food security. Their cold chain logistics are vital for preventing spoilage and waste.

Delpongo’s sustainable practices, quality control, and efficiency reflect an exporter dedicated to supplying markets with excellent fruit. Their success benefits the entire supply chain from farmers to supermarket shelves. The world relies on companies like Delpongo to deliver an abundance of flavorful, nourishing fruit. Their operation is an impressive showcase of streamlined processes applied skillfully to feed people everywhere.