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Discover a wide variety of fruits sourced from local farms and global suppliers, carefully selected to meet the demands of discerning wholesale buyers. From vibrant berries and succulent citrus to exotic tropical delights and classic favorites, our diverse range will captivate your taste buds and meet the needs of your business.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our exceptional product selection. We understand the importance of reliable service and competitive pricing in the wholesale industry. With Delpingo, you can count on prompt delivery, flexible order options, and competitive wholesale rates that help you maximize your profits.

Need Organic Fruits?
Need Organic Fruits?
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Whether you own a restaurant, grocery store, catering business, or other wholesale venture, we are here to cater to your fruit supply needs. Our user-friendly website allows you to conveniently browse our extensive inventory, place orders with ease, and explore our value-added services.

We prioritize customer satisfaction and are dedicated to building long-term partnerships with our clients. Our knowledgeable team is always ready to assist you with any inquiries, provide expert advice, or offer personalized recommendations based on your unique requirements.

Experience the freshness, quality, and reliability that Delpingo brings to the fruit wholesale industry. Join us today and unlock a world of exceptional fruits that will elevate your business and delight your customers.

Let Delpingo be your trusted fruit wholesale partner. Contact us today or explore our website to begin your fruitful journey with us.

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What We Provide For Your Better Health

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Kavin Smith, Plantation India

With offices, plantations, and representatives across Asia, Europe, and Africa, Plantations International is a multinational plantation and farm management company that specializes in providing sustainable agricultural and forestry or “agroforestry” management services for its clients.

Mario Desuga, Plantation UK
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