Sticky Rice and Mango Secures Spot as Fourth-Best Global Pudding

The ever-popular Thai dessert, Khao Niao Mamuang, also renowned as sweetened sticky rice with mango, has secured its place as the world’s fourth-best pudding. This honour was bestowed upon it in the “10 Best Rated Puddings in the World” list, unveiled by on October 15.

The delectable Thai dish received a high score of 4.4. The list also featured Puerto Rico’s Tembleque, Turkey’s Fırın sutlac, and Iran’s Sholeh zard, ranking third, second, and first respectively. Each of these three contestants bagged a score of 4.5.

TasteAtlas describes the Thai delight, stating: “The dish consists of glutinous rice that undergoes steam cooking and is then drizzled with sweetened coconut milk. Finally, it is served alongside fresh mango slices. This simple dessert enjoys immense popularity and can be spotted in virtually every dining spot in Thailand.”

The list, assembled by, was based on an impressive 2,126 authenticated user ratings.